Claw Named in Hottest Cannabis Brands Midwest

Hope the fall season continues to treat you right.  Today, we’re sharing Pioneer’s take on Q3’s hottest cannabis brands (Midwest edition) and diving into aeroponic specialists, Aeriz.  Before all of that, here are three quick thoughts:
Last week on LinkedIn, we published Q3’s hottest dual-state operators.  As noted in the post, Pioneer closely follows brands in the early stages of expansion.   Spoiler alert — Jungle Boys nabbed the top spot.  Aforementioned Aeriz was next.  Gage was #3, as the Michigan-bred brand landed in New Jersey.With the addition of these 25 brands, Pioneer’s brand pool now includes 742 licensed THC wholesalers.   Since one of you asked — the share of brands in our pool with California operations has decreased each of the past two years from 55.1% (2020) to 51.8% (2021) to 48.4% (2022).  To expectation, we’d say.
 Election day is two weeks away and cannabis is on the ballot in five states.  Though Pioneer is not a news aggregator, we thought this detailed article on Missouri’s proposed legislation was worth four minutes.  While the initiative seems likely to pass, there is a pro-legalization group representing conflicting interests that’s campaigning against the growth-minded reform.  Again, not surprising. 
Today we’re looking at those brands selling exclusively in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma, whose marketing performance was hottest in Q3 (from 7/4/22 to 10/2/22).   The above 15 brands wholesale only, while the below 15 brands wholesale AND retail under the same name.

If you’re interested here’s a quick run down on what’s happening in Midwest cannabis markets…. 2022’s been tough for Michigan operators, but industry revenue growth has been solid in the face of falling prices.  In August 2022, limited-license Illinois increased its number of legally run cannabis businesses.  Oklahoma finally agreed to put adult-use on the ballot (March 2023).  As stated above, Missouri seems ready to get recreational sales going.  Arkansas and the Dakotas, if we want to consider them Midwest, are poised to liberalize markets next month.  And perhaps the most dynamic of them all is Minnesota.  The North Star State essentially legalized low-dose edibles and beverages which is one fascinating experiment.